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terre des hommes and 1001 nights »Destination Unknown« in Marrakesh

23rd March 2015 we started our trip to participate in the conference of the campaign »Destination Unknown« ”. We are Nele and Joshua, representatives of the youth avalanche ÜTAG. And what is »Destination Unknown« about? It’s about protection of children on the move like refugee children, street children, child soldiers, child trafficking or child labor. As these children’s destination is unknown, we knew exactly where we wanted to go on 23rd March: Conference Hotel Mogador Opera in Marrakesh, Morocco.

On our arrival we met a lot of new people that form the campaign Destination Unknown . They belong to 42 member organizations, one of which is terre des hommes Germany, and travelled to Marrakesh from different continents and countries of the world. Many organizations are part of the International Federation of terre des hommes in which are involved many terre des hommes organizations from, for example, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France or Denmark among others.

The Federation started the campaign Destination Unknown in 2011. Since then many things have happened and the campaign has grown. For the first time youth took part in the conference – from Thailand, Myanmar, Lebanon, Morocco and, of course, us from Germany. There were hundreds of discussions, workshops, brainstorms and creative phases. We introduced the main project of the youth avalanche ÜTAG: The campaign »Wo ist Mila?« (Where is Mila?). The public was impressed by our presentation. The action moved them and the web site but also our wide program for children and youth. We from terre des hommes can be really proud of our children’s rights team, youth avalanche ÜTAG and not less important the international youth network!

Those four days in Marrakesh were very exciting for us. We learned a lot in the conference, considered, planed and, finally, decided. For example, we are going to develop a youth call until the end of the year that is going to call up the positions and demands of children and youth from all over the world on the topic migration. Despite the tight program we could visit some highlights of this fascinating city. We saw all what it has to offer, from a supper with surprise belly dance or fast taxi drives without apparent rules to unwished monkeys encounter. We could not easily forget the wanders through the souk, oriental bazaar in Marrakesh, and the huge Jamaa el-Fnaa square. Nevertheless this nice tale of 1001 nights of terre des hommes comes to an end saying goodbye to all our new friends of Destination Unknown. We reached our home Germany after three hours flight with the baggage full of many new impressions and unique experiences. It’s still a lot to do and we are going to keep our engagement for children on the move. After the conference is already before the conference, which could be part of the 1001 night of terre des hommes tale… Joshua Hofert, Nele Schneider

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