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Summarized: Delegates' Conference

In 2000, the General Assembly of terre des hommes Germany decided to share its decision taking powers with a wider group of stakeholders, establishing the Delegates Conference as decision taking body. ​In the Delegates' Conference, elected representatives of the project partner organisations worldwide, the International Youth Network of terre des hommes, and staff meet​. Jointly they decide on the Strategy of international programme and project work of terre des hommes Germany for the coming five years​. Proposals are developed jointly  by the stakeholders before the Delegates' Conference, in the co-decision process​. It is not only a consultation process, but a co-decision process as all delegates have equal voting powers.

Why does terre des hommes have a co-decision process?

Idealistic dimension

  • Foster the idea of a real cooperation instead of a mere North-South resource transfer​
  • Idea of decolonising aid​
  • Counterweight against the power imbalance inheriting the donor-recipient relation​
  • Avoid paternalism​
  • Legitimacy ​

Practical dimension​

  • Include knowledge and competences of stakeholder through exchange ​
  • Strengthen accountability to stakeholders by participating them into decisions​
  • Stronger engagement by all stakeholders (staff of terre des hommes, volunteers, partners, youth network), if participated in decisions​
  • Assure relevance of organisational goals of terre des hommes in different regions and stakeholder groups​
  • Link local and global discussions​

What may the Delegates' Conference decide on?

  • Strategic Goals: Focus of programme work for the next five years. Which areas do we want to stress in the next years?​
  • Focal Themes: New and/or experimental topics. In which new areas do we want to develop further?​
  • International Campaigns: Joint international lobby and public relations work by all stakeholders on one topic​.
  • Resolutions: Political declarations by the Delegates' Conference.​

All decisions are taken for a period of five years

Who decides?

  • 12 delegates of partner organisations
  • 6 delegates of the International Youth Network
  • 12 delegates of the German terre des hommes' volunteers
  • 6 terre des hommes  staff members
  • 3 delegates of terre des hommes' volunteer presidium​
  • 3 terre des hommesboard members

A total of 42 delegates with equal voting rights​.

Organizing committee of the Delegates' Conference

  • Delegates of all different groups of the last conference​
  • Help to organise preparation process and conference​
  • Facilitate between all groups​
  • Establish communication between all groups​
  • »Watchdog« monitoring the implementation of decisions afterwards​
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