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Children in Armed Conflicts

Millions of children suffer from wars and armed conflicts: because their families were massacred; because they have lost their homes and had to flee; because they stepped on a mine and are now mutilated; or because they themselves had to take part in armed conflicts as child soldiers.

Helping these children and combating a culture of violence with a culture of peace and democracy – this is terre des hommes’ concern. In Colombia, for example, terre des hommes supports projects for refugee children, a solicitor’s office that files legal cases especially against violations of children's rights, as well as campaigns for peace and human rights. In other countries, terre des hommes promotes projects that assist victims of landmines or provides psychological support for children traumatised by war.

Political demands for which terre des hommes seeks to lobby and raise awareness, in cooperation with other agencies, include the banning of all types of landmines and of the recruitment of minors.

The »Red Hand Day« on February 12th is supposed to draw attention to the fate of around 250,000 child soldiers. By giving a red print of the hand everybody is invited to set a sign against the abuse of children in wars.

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