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Cultural und Biological Diversity

Land, water and biodiversity are the sources of livelihood for rural people in many countries. However, due to the increasing commercialisation of nature these are threatened and destroyed more and more frequently. People migrate to the cities where they end up in slums, exposed to unemployment, crime and neglect.

terre des hommes supports projects that offer an alternative to rural people, often indigenous, and thereby encourage the preservation of local cultures.  

India is a good example: We help disadvantaged Adivasis to secure their property rights for land on which they have been living for ages. In their villages, schools and health services are set up, women learn how to grow healthy vegetables.

Peru is another example: The highland Indians’ knowledge about traditional agriculture and its enormous biodiversity is protected against the negative impacts of monoculture. Traditional knowledge is now increasingly included in curricula. It teaches a respectful use of nature and makes the children self-confident and proud of their culture.

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