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Campaign on Ecological Child Rights

In May 2011, terre des hommes Germany launched a campaign with a view to promoting environmental children's rights. Children around the world face the dire consequences of persistent and wide-spread forms of environmental destruction - many of which also threaten their future (climate change, loss of diversity). Despite the relevance and urgency of the matter, neither human rights nor environmental politics have developed adequate means to safeguard the rights of children against environmental harm. terre des hommes' campaign aims at raising awareness of the links between environmental and child rights protection and advocates for stronger legal and institutional safeguards. One of terre des hommes' major proposals in this context is the creation of ombudspersons for future generations, a demand which is now shared by many other civil society organisations and states. So far, terre des hommes has published three comprehensive brochures on child rights threats arising from the use of dangerous and toxic pesticides, extractive industries, and climate change. terre des hommes will also issue a conceptual paper that traces the normative roots of environmental child rights protection, explores the links between child rights and the rights of future generations, and offers ways to strengthen environmental child rights at different levels. In June 2012, a terre des hommes delegation - including youth representatives from Asia, Latin America, Africa and Europe - will travel to Rio de Janeiro to participate in the UN Conference on Sustainable Development and lobby for a stronger role of children and children's rights in environmental and sustainability politics.

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