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Health and Nutrition

Healthcare is part of many projects supported by terre des hommes: Street children often have drug problems or infections, child labourers suffer from industrial diseases like asthma or tuberculosis, and children from very poor families are frequently under- or malnourished. terre des hommes partners provide medical care, meals or advice on health and hygiene.

Some of the initiatives concentrating on health and nutrition do not primarily use imported medicine but take advantage of the knowledge and potential of local cultures. 

In Zimbabwe, the Moringa tree has been increasingly cultivated for some time. Besides laying out vegetable gardens terre des hommes project partners have specialised in cultivating this »supermarket on a trunk«. The tree’s leaves are full of vitamins and proteins. This is of special importance for the malnourished or children and youth tested positive for HIV . They need many vitamins and mineral nutrients like iron and calcium to be protected against infections.

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