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Lobbying, Publicity, Projects in Germany

Anyone committed to an »earth of humanity« has to put forward an opinion in the political arena where political decisions are made that can change people’s lives. terre des hommes therefore tries to promote children's interests through influencing policy-making at the national and international level. Project partners advocating for children's rights in their own countries are also supported in this context. terre des hommes informs about the roots of hardship and oppression, about the situation of children in the respective countries and its project work.

terre des hommes, for example, cooperates with the Volkswagen works council which in 1998 started the project »One hour for the future« in favour of children in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Germany. By donations and many initiatives of the Volkswagen staff more than 11 million Euros have as yet been transferred to terre des hommes for its project work until 2010 – and the activities will go on.

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