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Taking an active part: Perla from Nicaragua

In a small series we will introduce young people from around the world who are committed to children´s rights and the objectives of terre des hommes.

Perla (24) from Nicaragua


1. Which place in your area is your favourite one?

My favourite place is the village El Castillito. I feel particularly well there as it is surrounded by a protected area. There is amazing vegetation where special plants and animals grow and live. When I am there it feels like having direct contact to nature and living in harmony with it and with myself.

2. Which profession do you want to exercise later and do you think that you can make this world a better place through your profession?

I always wanted to study social work. With this profession I could advocate for the rights of children and youths. I would be committed to them growing up in an adequate environment, that their self-esteem will be strengthened so that they can counter violence and marginalisation in a self-confident way. I also would advocate for the development of a new role of women, children and youths and that the education is based on Christian values and moral conceptions in future.

3. What do you like doing in your free time?

In my free time I take the time to work with children and youths. I support them in their work to clean up our village and recycle inorganic waste like plastic. In our youth cooperative in the community of El Cipian we produce flower pots from this plastic waste which can be used for ornamental plants. Besides we use plastic bottles as watering cans for the seedlings the same ways programmes for the protection of ecosystems do.

4. Why do work on children's rights and what do you do in concrete to improve the life conditions of children and youth in your region?

We all are responsible to fight for children's rights - the families as well as the communities. A child in full possession of his or her rights will be the engine for change in future. To call for these rights and to fight for them I publicly address to national government agencies like the ministry for education, for families and municipalities as well as several NGOs like UNICEF, FAO, terre des hommes Germany. I call on them to implement programmes strengthening the rights of children so that they have the chance to lead a good life and develop perspectives for their future.

5. Do you have a role model?

One of my role models is my mother. She taught me that a struggler who never falls and does not have to overcome problems never will be a real struggler. My mother was in a difficult situation but fought every day for my sister and me to get the chance for a good life.

6. If you could change your life with somebody else for one day: which one you would choose?

If I could change my life with somebody else for a day I would choose a child spending its time with collecting waste on the garbage dumps of our country. So I could make the first-hand experience how it feels when you do not have access to your rights - especially the basic right to health and education. This right is supposed to give all children the chance to go to school and to get educated instead of working in a place where you cannot even earn your living and which above that is very dangerous.

7. What is your last dream that you can remember?

In my last dream I can remember I was in a position to achieve everything I wanted in my life. It was a life full of success in which my family and I could stay together for ever. Apart of that I could mobilise women for a common fight for our rights and acceptance as a person who can take up roles in the communities from which they have been deprived until now.

8. Once in a lifetime I absolutely want to...

... create a day on which all pollutive companies have to stop production and think about the damage they do to mother nature and the climate change connected to it. They should become aware of the fact that with their activities they leave a polluted world to future generations.

9. If you could rule the world for one day: what would be your first law?

Instead of launching new laws I would enforce already existing laws to stop and ostracise the abuse of women.

10. Do you have a message for our readers?

»Los jóvenes de hoy luchamos para mejorar el mundo de los jóvenes del mañana.« Todays young people fight together to improve the world of the young people of tomorrow.

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