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Taking an active part: Muyoka from Zambia

In a small series we will introduce young people from around the world who are committed to children´s rights and the objectives of terre des hommes.

Muyoka (18 years) from Zambia

1. Which place in your area is your favorite one?

The Victoria falls. Why? Because of its natural environment, making it a very good place to relay and have fun!

2. Which profession do you want to exercise later and do you think that you can make this world a better place through your profession?

I would like to be a pilot. Why? I know that I will make the world a better place because I will have enough money to donate to charities and the needy.

3. What do you like doing in your free time?

Spending time with my family and friends, and socializing on social medias such as Facebook and Twitter.

4. Why are you working on children rights and what are you doing concretely to improve the life conditions of children and youth in your region?

I am working on children's rights because I would like to see a world where children are happy and disease free, are able to go to school so that they can get a better education, making them respected people and responsible in society. I am doing my best to improve the lives of youths by empowering them with self sufficiency skills and imparting them with knowledge that will help them succeed in society and children by letting them know of their children's rights to a safe and clean environment and their right to play.

5. Do you have a role model? Which one and why?

Barrack Obama, because he is very determined and makes sure he achieves his goals no matter what obstacles he faces.

6. If you could change your life with somebody else for one day: Which one you would choose and why?

It would be Ben Carson, an American neurosurgeon, because he dedicated his life to help children born with defects.

7. What is your last dream that you can remember?

I dream that I owned an airline and that I made the world a better place by representing my continent Africa at important meetings worldwide.

8. Once in a lifetime I absolutely want to...

...visit each continent in the world and get to learn new things.

9. If you could rule the world for one day: What would be your first law?

Make sure the president isn't over 70 years of age when he is president to make sure youths are given the chance to rule as well.

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