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Taking an active part: Sudipta from India

In a small series we will introduce young people from around the world who are committed to children´s rights and the objectives of terre des hommes.

Sudipta (17) from India

1. Which place in your area is your favorite one? Why?

Sunderbans. I like the place because the ecological balance is very much evident and apparent there.

2. Which profession do you want to exercise later and do you think that you can make this world a better place through your profession? Why?

I would like to become a social worker in future and adapt social work as my profession in future so that I can put all my efforts to make this beautiful world a better place for living.

3. What do you like doing in your free time?

As a regular practice, I draw pictures during my free times and most of the pictures relate to environment, human beings and their well beings, etc.

4. Why are you working on children rights and what are you doing concretely to improve the life conditions of children and youth in your region?

I and my friends have been deprived from many facilities and right during our childhood. Although we did not have any idea during those period and we could only realize when we grew up, we have felt that younger and the future generation might get deprived of their right as well. Hence, I started working on Child Rights so that the future children are not deprived of their rights.

5. Do you have a role model? Which one and why?

My role model is Swami Vivekananda because of his advocacy and campaign for education for all, rich or poor, boys or girls. He had emphasized for education of all at any cost of the society. To this effect once he had told: »If a child of a Brahmin family need one Master (teacher), then a Kawra’s (Dalit’s – Scheduled Caste as laid down in the Constitution of India and earmarked as the most backward class of communities) child should need five Masters (teachers).« Alas, what Swamiji could foresee and visualize in the nineteenth century, we could not realize even today.

6. If you could change your life with somebody else for one day: Which one you would choose and why?

I would like to change my life with the US President for one day and would like ban all the excessive green-house gases producing industries.

7. What is your last dream that you can remember?

I want to become an artist and advocate and campaign through pictures and drawings for child rights, education for all children.

8. Once in a lifetime I absolutely want to...

...see the world when it was created during its birth.

9. If you could rule the world for one day: What would be your first law?

The first law would be to avert disparities between the rich and the poor people from the whole world.

10. Here is space for something that you always wanted to say (only if you want, that´s optional).

The International Youth Network meeting was held in September-October 2011 and it appears that the formation and work of the network is complete. I look forward to the next meeting of the IYN and meet the members of the network and discuss the future course of action of the network.

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