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Taking an active part: Thanh from Vietnam

In a small series we will introduce young people from around the world who are committed to children´s rights and the objectives of terre des hommes.

Thanh (20) from Vietnam

1. Which place in your area is your favorite one?

I like to go to the river near my house because that place is so beautiful, I can find for myself  sense of peace after a busy day chain

2. Which profession do you want to exercise later and do you think that you can make this world a better place through your profession?

I want to be an electrical engineer and I’m studying for that job. I always had the feeling I’m not doing enough with my life. I never know where to start in making the world a better place through my profession because it seems there is so much to do.

3. What do you like to do in your free time?

In my free time, I like to listen to favorite music, play sport games as football or read news in the internet and newsaper, too.

4. Why are you working on children rights and what are you doing concretely to improve the life conditions of children and youth in your region?

Because they are the future generations, so children need to be protected. I propagate these young people the knowledge to protect themselves against the pitfalls in many aspects such as sexual assault or the wrong side of the internet that I have learned when i have a meeting of the core team that organized by ward.

5. Do you have a role model? Which one and why?

Yes I do, my role model is my mother, because she is true in all the most honest, and she taught us to live is to be honest and to always be grateful. I will try to become a man like my mother.

6. If you could change your life with somebody else for one day: Which one you would choose and why?

I think that person will very special. My Life is never straight in the 18 years existed. But if I  could change my all with somebody else for one day, with my friend, 2 years she appeared in my life - to help me to walk a straight line in that time    ... Although  during that 2 years, the number of times of the missing step in that line segments is not  little. But I believe that I still choose her because I need her.

7. What is your last dream that you can remember?

My last dream is graduate university^^

8. Once in a lifetime I absolutely want to ...

Once in lifetime I absolutely want to go to Africa to visit and help disadvantaged children there. Hope now they can find a way to care for the needs of tomorrow.

9. If you could rule the world for one day: What would be your first law?

On Earth will have no more war and all children and people must have the best condition to develop.

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